Why 3D Without Glasses is Better Than 3D With Glasses

3D technology has now been available in the home for a couple of years, but many of the sets being sold require cumbersome 3D glasses. Such is also true of public displays in places like malls and other areas that use 3D in display advertising. Glasses are now on the way out, though, 3D without glasses has finally become an accessible medium for the masses.

The availability of 3D without glasses is something that everyone should take note of, but digital advertising firms especially will be able to benefit from it. Until now, 3D advertising has essentially been confined to 3D displays in consumers’ homes. When 3D displays that require glasses are used in public, it’s usually a tough sell to advertise to viewers who will need to don a pair of glasses in order to view the content. One of the main advantages of 3D without glasses is that it can entice passive viewers who would normally be put off by the need to wear glasses.

Another advantage of 3D without glasses that advertisers will be salivating over is the chance to finally engage the audience. Owners of traditional glasses-based 3D displays have a tendency to take the glasses off during advertising breaks, mainly due to the fact that the glasses aren’t comfortable when worn for long periods of time. With glasses free 3D making its way into the homes of consumers over the next year or two, digital advertising agencies will be able to finally leverage the fact that 3D is a much appealing medium than traditional 2D displays. 3D literally jumps out at the viewer, engaging them in ways that were previously impossible. Without glasses, this effect is multiplied, and companies won’t have to worry about 3D advertising not reaching audience members who take off their glasses.

3D displays that don’t require glasses will also allow for public displays showing 3D to finally reach an audience. This includes mediums such as 3D kiosks, but also extends to displays found in places like bars and university buildings. While glasses-based 3D can’t reach a passerby, the glasses-free variant can be seen by anyone who happens to glance at a display.

With these benefits in mind, it’s clear that 3D advertising will become the next trend for digital advertising companies. Glasses restricted the availability and reach of 3D advertising, but displays that don’t require glasses are changing that. Glasses-free 3D will cause more people to view content in 3D, and will also allow companies to engage them in full 3D.

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